The personal connection


Speed isn’t everything.
How could we be relatable, trustworthy AND fast, for all demographics?

A new superfast broadband provider, which isn’t just about speed. They set their stall out to be more customer-centric, approachable and ‘part of the picture’ when it comes to home and work environments. Their slogan is ‘Faster, Fairer, Kinder’.  

Whilst speed is still important, we were tasked with creating a brand that encompassed a friendly nature, along with an attitude of being part of the furniture in workplaces and homes.

A refreshing and iconic brand identity which speaks directly to its values.

We came up with an identity which clearly demonstrates a nature of speed, but encompasses the kind and consumer centric values of the brand.

The angular lines in bright vibrant colours represent the fast service that YouFibre will be providing, whether it be the quick customer responses or the speed of the broadband itself. It shows that YouFibre is proactive, reliable and time-reactive in all areas of business.