Conserving the heritage of one of the biggest gin brands

To maintain the quality and global presence for Tanqueray.

Tanqueray is a brand of gin produced by Diageo and marketed worldwide. We have worked closely with both Tanqueray and Diageo to produce a range of promotional activations and printed materials, all of which will be viewed by the global market.

Gin is more popular than ever, being seen as more fashionable among young people. Our task was to upkeep the sophisticated branded material using a blend of social, mobile, experiential and on-trade initiatives to try and expand its appeal and further increase the growing demands.

Classic Tanqueray with a youthful twist.

We designed various promotions, from Valentine’s Day offers and billboard advertisements to product catalogues for Diageo. We were experimental within the Tanqueray guidelines, exploring fruitful use of colours and applying new visual assets.

It wasn’t only about the design work, we also carried out thorough research into the language used throughout the Tanqueray brand, for use in the new promotions we created.