Maintaining Creole quality

To entice and expand the Seybrew market within and beyond the Seychelles.

Seychelles Breweries is the leading beverage company in Seychelles, with a rich, diversified portfolio spanning beer, ready-to-drink carbonated soft drinks and spirit categories. Seybrew is their flagship beverage and our job is to promote this to the ensure consistency, quality and communication to all markets.

Seychelles Breweries are in constant demand from their consumers and parent company Diageo to deliver effective marketing and promotion material, to maintain high sales and customer satisfaction on the Islands.

Unified and iconic branded material that aligns with its tropical heritage.

In the past year, we have designed a wide range of marketing collateral such as; social media assets and content, marketing strategies, product campaigns, promotional offers, animations merchandise, events and on and off-trade product material.

We really enjoyed working in partnership with Seybrew, due to the wide variety of mediums we can work with all whilst maintaining the Creole theme.