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How can we position Plume to be creative and unique within their industry?

Plume is a training-focused digital agency which builds custom learning management systems and other training related technology. We partnered with Plume to rebrand their business, reflecting their creative and collaborative nature.

Plume required us to develop an ownable identity that communicates a friendly, supportive and human service, which is at the heart of what they do. We aimed to build a playful brand style around Plume’s core values, which align with the quality aesthetics of the website.

A creative design system, packed with colourful icons and vibrant gradients.

The new logo is the perfect vista to represent the dynamism and creatively driven company that is Plume. The overlaying vectors give off a fresh and dynamic feel to match a multifaceted and fun company.

Post brand creation, we designed a range of supporting materials such as website graphics, a brand toolkit and project documents for their clients. Below is the client’s Needs Analysis document which demonstrates the implementation of some of our creative work delivered.

Plume Presentation