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How can we create versatile brand system that reflects a multifaceted product?

To create an effective and adventurous brand for Onesac that aligns with it’s core values. Onesac needed their brand to convey personality through the use of custom typography as well explorations in graphic assets to create impactful design solutions for their bumbag range.

The demographic Onesac is targeting are millennial (aged 25- 40) professionals that live active lifestyles and seek adventure on weekends and holidays. Our goal was to design a visual identity that would appear adventurous yet highly fashionable among younger people.

A dynamic brand identity and versatile design system.

The idea that Onesac contains multiple innovative elements is expressed in the versatile, flexible and practical use of the grid and interchangeable logo segments within it. Each segment can be rotated, animated and used separately as icons.

The logo typography is hand crafted to work within the design system. We collated a range of trending colours to suit all of Onesac’s submarkets, which they can use flexibly throughout their promotional materials.

Typography and photography styles were carefully selected to feel independant, youthful and free, representing a unified and sleek looking product.

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