Mount Gay

Crafting the perfect blend of heritage and class

Navigating public facing promotions

In the vast ocean of brand communication, capturing the attention of customers and driving product sales can be a challenging voyage. Mount Gay Rum, an esteemed brand under the Remy Cointreau umbrella, the mission was clear: effectively communicate public-facing promotions, increase brand visibility, and attract more customers to their exceptional rum offerings.

Collaborating closely with Remy Cointreau, our team set sail on producing a series of print adverts which accurately communicated the timeless elegance of Mount Gay Rum and captivate trade and retail audiences.

A captivating voyage of design

To meet the challenge head on, our solution involved crafting a series of trade print adverts to be distributed among various wholesalers and retail outlets. These bespoke adverts were strategically placed to promote Mount Gay Rum’s product and showcase the enticing incentives offered to customers.

To capture the essence of Mount Gay Rum, we were inspired by the brand’s natural aesthetics. We carefully curated a colour pallet that echoed the hues found in their iconic bottles, evoking a sense of authenticity and sophistication. In addition, we incorporated a cheerful group of people, stylised to reflect the brands nature and long-standing rich heritage.

With the distribution of these print adverts, Mount Gay Rum successfully communicated their public-facing promotions, increased brand visibility, and achieved heightened product sales.