We made code friendly


How can we create a brand identity to bridge the gap between code and client?

mmtm (pronounced momentum) is a user-centric digital agency – they partner with their customers to build engaging products and services, such as: fast, reliable and scalable applications for the web built around best practices and policies for security and data protection.

We were tasked with building on the existing brand with the aim to represent the company’s deep technological knowledge and experience, with their approachable and collaborative nature. All whilst maintaining the ultimate goal of breaking the barrier between code and client.

Playful graphic representation of humour and code

mmtm needed a brand that would adapt to the emotion of every client. We took classic coding symbols and created a set of expressions that add character and personality to mmtm’s brand, giving them an image of approachability and humility.

We developed the visual identity by designing a grid system of code symbols, of which each icon can be adapted in ways to express movement and momentum. The range of grids are designed to feature the logo or the expression as a supportive callout.

MMTM Waiting Area