Cointreau Changes Everything

To maintain the quality and rich history of Cointreau globally.

Cointreau is a worldwide leading orange liqueur by Remy Cointreau. We have worked closely with Cointreau to produce a range of promotional material, supporting their step into a new era with the revamped L’Unique bottle­­, and preserve the brands heritage as a staple for bartenders and at-home cocktail enthusiasts around the world.

Cointreau L’Unique has undergone the most momentous change to the brand for 140 years. Our task was to command attention while maintaining the brand’s heritage and French elegance using a blend of digital and print materials to preserve and expand its appeal.

A modern twist on a vintage classic

Using global key visual assets, we have created a wide range of different materials from Waitrose magazine adverts and cocktail menus, to out of home advertising. Another important aspect of advertising for Cointreau has been digital and animation. Promotional banners and animating adverts have been used across digital and web for outlets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Ocado.

It has been a privilege working in partnership with Remy Cointreau as Cointreau in particularly stands out as one of their flagship brands.